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Communications in the Modern World

News in the twenty-first century takes many forms and is presented through a diverse range of mediums. This is mainly due to the huge leaps made in technological advances, from the steam press of the early eighteen hundreds to the present day where we see mobile text message news alertsRead More

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Reconfiguring modernity

Closely related to theories of dependency are those presenting the globe as a single interrelated system in which each country is understood in terms of its relationship to the whole. Worsely’s notion of ‘one world’ (1984) are central to these ideas. It is from this context that notions of ‘ThirdRead More

Frictionless virtual world

When teachers design learning activities to help their students understand complex systems and the way they function and change, model-making activities with computers can play a supportive role since students can construct their own understandings through them (Riley, 1990). As Osborne and Hennessy (2003, p.23) claim “research suggests that usingRead More

Teacher Notes

  This benefits the learners who need visual stimuli. Those pupils that are auditory learners will benefit from having the text on each slide, read aloud. The kinaesthetic learners benefit from the activities and discussions that are included in the trail. The activities enable the kinaesthetic learners to have ‘hands-on’Read More

A Different World

At last. We had finally reached our destination. Unlively as a slug I stood aside at the immigration counter while my father had the passports checked. “This is it!” I thought. For the first time in my life, I had come to visit my home country, India. The eight-hour flight had beenRead More



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