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Cooling curve

A cooling curve is actually a line graph representing the change in the state of matter of a substance, either from solid to liquid or liquid to solid. In this graph, time is usually represented on the x – axis and temperature on the y – axis. The particles inRead More

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Change slide

The knowledge issue we are going to look at is based on the changing perspectives on the current issue of Global Warming. (change slide) Global warming is generally accepted by the majority of people throughout the developing world, and it is a topic of increasing relevance today. (grr history people)Read More

ToK presentation

    The result of these different perspectives in media and other sources is a stretching of information, so that it is uncertain where the real accurate stories lie. The best we can really do is to scan all the pieces of information, and compare them to each other toRead More

Cross-sectional area

This coursework assignment is to investigate resistance. To investigate it, we must first understand it. What is it? Where does it come from? The most fundamental basis to understanding resistance is to know about current. Electric current is a flow of electric charges. Like water in a heating system, theRead More

The Voltage stays the same

Introduction: Resistance is the ratio of the potential difference (or voltage) across a conductor to the electrical current. This formula displays this and shows how to work out the resistance: R=V / I Resistance=Voltage / Current Resistance is measured in Ohms (symbol O) as the resistance between two points onRead More



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