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Screen less display technology

Embracing new technology proves a big hit back to many people. Before any technology is introduced to people, it is advisable to insight them of its capability and the effects it will have on them. In this proposal invention and working of screen less display is explained. This emerging technologyRead More

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Nokia Corporation

The Nokia Corporation (Nokia Lumia in India) The telecommunications industry is rather diverse. Nokia is a corporation that happens to be a major player in the telecommunications industry. Nokia is a Finnish based corporation that deals solely with the manufacture of mobile phones. Triple Bottom Line Analysis Recently, Nokia mergedRead More

Information System

The research is aimed at determining the roles and the impacts of Information Systems in Quality Assurance as well as establishing the link between the two. It also establishes the ways in which the two work hand in hand to ensure quality control for delivery of high quality products andRead More

Delivery and technology

Held a party can be luxury to certain people, it depends on their income level. Since the party planning is not essential services, people can also plan and held the party by their own, therefore we are more interested on the group of people who have bigger spending power. WeRead More

Chandlers publication

Developments in the past 100 years have seen global business evolve at an unprecedented rate. In order to have a better understanding of our past business history, many individuals have set out on a historical journey to uncover the meaning and reasoning behind this important evolution. As one of theRead More



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