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Delivery and technology

Held a party can be luxury to certain people, it depends on their income level. Since the party planning is not essential services, people can also plan and held the party by their own, therefore we are more interested on the group of people who have bigger spending power. WeRead More

Chandlers publication

Developments in the past 100 years have seen global business evolve at an unprecedented rate. In order to have a better understanding of our past business history, many individuals have set out on a historical journey to uncover the meaning and reasoning behind this important evolution. As one of theRead More

Technical and managerial skill

A month behind its target, Green Mountain Cellular Telephone (GMCT) is facing delays in opening their operations for customers. Erik Peterson, the general manager of GMCT comes across several major problems and looking for appropriate steps to be taken to address the key issues and to improve the organization toRead More

Technological Paradigm Shift

Technology is vital for most businesses and makes everything so much simpler and easier for people, technology improves businesses and makes run more efficiently. Technology is replacing normal manual workers, so instead of people doing the work they have machines to replace them, as it saves the business money inRead More

The sensing technology

The three competitive products which can be compared are the Wii, Xbox Kinect and the PS3 Move. The Wii does not have the advanced graphics like the two competitors but that was the aim of Nintendo. The Wii uses a wireless remote and motion sensing technology unlike its competitors whichRead More