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Serious and possibly

William Shakespeare lived in the Tudor era and all of his writings contain traditional old English language and mention many old ways of living and its traditions which were enjoyed by the people in that era. Throughout ‘The Taming of the Shrew’ there are many traits of that lifestyle. IfRead More

Shakespeare’s Richard III

In this assignment I am going to discuss the presentation of Richard Duke of Gloucester. I will also loom at the relationships Richard holds with various characters and the audience. In the play Richard III, Shakespeare uses many different techniques and structure in order to have a direct effect onRead More

The transformation of Katherina believable

Petruchio never actually properly proposes to Katherina. He doesn’t even ask her. He just tells her what he intends to do. He says to her, “I will marry you” and he tells her how he plans to make her into the perfect wife. He tells her he was “born toRead More

Frailty thy name is woman

By Ophelia doing this, we can link it to Shakespeare’s portrayal of women as mentally frail when around others, unable to hold a sentence or communicate. Hamlet offers copious amounts of evidence to the audience of his madness; however there is a lack of evidence to Ophelia’s madness apart fromRead More

At the opening of act V of the tempest

At the opening of Act V of `The Tempest` Prospero decides to set aside revenge which he has long been planning and instead show forgiveness to his enemies. Examine the methods that Shakespeare uses to help the audience believe in Prospero’s sudden change of heart. Throughout the whole of `TheRead More