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Discussion, Conclusion and Recommendation about Intersco Asia Pacific

Intersco Asia Pacific has been a company trying to make it in the cosmetics and skincare industry, having broken up from Intersco Group, the parent company from Milan. Over the period that it has conducted business, Intersco Asia Pacific has undergone several transformations and challenges that have forced it toRead More

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Microeconomics-two-period Model of Intertemporal Consumer Choice

Intertemporal choice refers to the way in which a consumer’s current decisions influence the available options in the future. Thus, intertemporal choice denotes the study of relative value assigned to more than one payoff at varied instances in time. Majority of the consumption choices obliges decision-makers to trade-off expenses andRead More

The Science City

A report on the likely changes to industry across Japan, The reasons and some suggestions on how to solve the problems. Japanese industry and wealth is forever changing, Japan has made the majority of its wealth through the research and production of high technological products. They need to produce small costlyRead More

The Science of Muddling Through

Enz (2010) argue that in order to sustain a competitive advantage, companies should implement innovative ideas rather than limit their actions to what is already known. Successful strategies can emerge in changing times from employees at lower levels of the organization. A strategy is emergent in absence of intentions (Segal-HornRead More

Relationship of frictional force related to the sinkage depth

The graph above shows the data that establishes the relationship between rolling resistance of the bicycle and the sinkage depth of the tire on the sand bed. The relationship is found to be linear and is the only linear relationship in the whole experiment . As the sinkage depth ofRead More



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