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Across to the audience

What makes a play different from other literary forms is the fact it is purposely written to encapture and involves its watching audience. Stage directions play an essential role in this process, starting with the very basic events such as the introduction of a scene, entrance or exit of charactersRead More

How much copper is in copper oxide

Keep them both tucked under tables or moved out of the way for a clear fire exit, and to prevent falling over them, etc. Spillages and breakages (glass) Ensure that all spillages and breakages are reported, in order for them to be taken care of correctly and safely. METHOD 1.Read More

Oxidation of ethanol

For personal protection protective gloves and safety goggles were worn during the experiment. Because of the chemicals used, a window was left open during the experiment in order to assure ventilation. Observations Ethanol has been oxidised using potassium dichromate (VI) as an oxidising agent in dilute acid. Initially, ethanol hasRead More

Experiement to test for anions and cations

The aim of the experiment is to test an unknown substance with a variety of experimental methods, by doing this the identity of the substance will be known. The two types of different testing methods will be anions and cations. Cations are positively charged ions; this is because the atomRead More

Slightly different result

Using what we learned from the first two forms we can work out where the vertex is going to be before we see it on a graph. We established that any negative numbers added directly to x would move the vertex that value to the right, we also worked outRead More