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Relationship of frictional force related to the sinkage depth

The graph above shows the data that establishes the relationship between rolling resistance of the bicycle and the sinkage depth of the tire on the sand bed. The relationship is found to be linear and is the only linear relationship in the whole experiment . As the sinkage depth ofRead More

Indian ethnic products

Where are the positive moral implications of this so called “sustainable” employment? Will this art always be its own form of art? Will this art of textiles that had for so long been one of the few prides of the country still be called “Indian” art? Or is this artRead More

Strong evidence

One definition of knowledge is true belief based on strong evidence. What makes evidence “strong” enough and how can this limit be established? The Oxford Dictionary states evidence as “Anything that gives people reason to believe in something” . This is however incorrect, as one can provide strong evidence andRead More

Across to the audience

What makes a play different from other literary forms is the fact it is purposely written to encapture and involves its watching audience. Stage directions play an essential role in this process, starting with the very basic events such as the introduction of a scene, entrance or exit of charactersRead More

How much copper is in copper oxide

Keep them both tucked under tables or moved out of the way for a clear fire exit, and to prevent falling over them, etc. Spillages and breakages (glass) Ensure that all spillages and breakages are reported, in order for them to be taken care of correctly and safely. METHOD 1.Read More