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Cold Chain Logistics

The science of supply chain is responsible of managing recourse, in formations, people, and technology in a specific communication network that assure that a product or service is delivered from supplier to a customer in response with cost and time efficiency. Supply chain involves raw material, spare parts, finished andRead More

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Scientific and comprehendible

“That which can be asserted without evidence can be dismissed without evidence” As the famous German philosopher Nietzsche supporting eternal recurrence theorem states “senses. ” In a dimension where facts can be easily distorted yet still very persistent to be understood correctly, human beings tend to rely on their perspectivesRead More

Applied Psychology

As you can see in Figure 1.2 the results had a range from 2-7 in the amount of trigrams remembered, making the range: 5, and the mean result from the first set of experiments was: 4.87 Trigrams remembered. Whereas in the second experiment, where the results can be seen inRead More

Psychology for AS-level

Moscovicis aim of his study was to investigate minority influence and examine whether a minority are most likely to influence a majority if they are consistent in their views. He proceeded with his study by testing his 172 participants to make sure they weren’t colour blind. The participants were asked sixRead More

Evaluation Psychoanalysis

Sigmund Freud created Psychoanalysis from his own perception of the systems and theories that make motivation and drive central concepts of human life. Thanks to his work we now have a clearer view of how neurosis and other forms of psychopathology affect individuals. Eysenck (1995) cites Bergin (1971) as debatingRead More



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