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Serial Killers

A serial killer is an individual who has killed three or more people over a period of time and whose motivation for murder is mainly based on emotional satisfaction. Serial killers have a callous exploitative personality with no emotions and have no ability to feel guilt of anything they do.Read More

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Psychology and the society

Since its inception as an area of scientific study in human mental procedures, thoughts, and the human life, behavior, psychology has been developed along a number of schools of thoughts that have enabled better understanding of the human life. A large part of psychology is devoted into looking at theRead More

Psychobiology and trauma

The main feature of the posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is a strong memory for the survived events that were traumatic. During brain formation, there are some genetic factors involved and these have been found to influence PTSD development to trauma exposure. Studies show that KIBRA, which is a protein responsibleRead More

Discretion and Hiding the Truth

Discretion and Hiding the Truth As is in every establishment of a workforce there is a hierarchy of position, in the police force there is a chain of command. This chain of command directs the manner through which information command and reporting flows in the department. As such, the policeRead More

Cold Chain Logistics

The science of supply chain is responsible of managing recourse, in formations, people, and technology in a specific communication network that assure that a product or service is delivered from supplier to a customer in response with cost and time efficiency. Supply chain involves raw material, spare parts, finished andRead More



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