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Psychologically addictive

Amphetamines are psychologically addictive. Users become dependent on the drug to avoid the “down” feeling they often experience when the drug’s effect wears off. This dependence can lead a user to turn to stronger stimulants such as cocaine, or to larger doses of amphetamines to maintain a “high”. People whoRead More

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Psychological research told us about resisting social influence

There have been vast amounts of research into resisting the various social influences that bombard us in our everyday lives. I intend to explore different perspectives and studies regarding resistance, and try to interpret what they tell us about why people do resist in certain circumstances and not in others.Read More

Psychological Research

Psychological Research often shows one main problem, which is “ecological validity”. This in simplified terms means that the various studies have little application in real life situation. Below are reasons, which highlight the problems we face when we try to apply this information to everyday life. Firstly, the main problemRead More

Is maintaining Derek’s

A psychologist in the counseling center interviews a student in crisis who is having suicidal thoughts. As part of the assessment process, the psychologist administers a test designed to evaluate potential suicide risk. Which type of validity is the psychologist relying on in this scenario? statistical validity face validity predictiveRead More

Psychological disturbance

The study involves the determination of the prevalence of the domestic violence comparatively on three different groups. The sample population is composed of the white American population, African American population and the Hispanic group. It means that stratification of the included population is an important step in the research process.Read More



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