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Qualities of the isle

Prospero has two very obvious sides. He has a very compassionate side where he helps people and tries to make the island a better place to live, and his darker evil side where he torments people. It could be argued he’s only compassionate to help him self but he couldRead More

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The end of the play

  In making this decision he decides on mercy rather than vengeance and declares that that he will give up his magical powers that made him inhuman and corrupted. “I’ll break my staff, bury it certain fathoms in the earth,” Caliban, the son of evil Sycorax, is acquired as Prospero’sRead More

Shakespeare’s plays

By definition, a simplistic meaning of human nature is purely general characteristics and feelings of mankind. However, a more in depth interpretation is that human nature is the “fundamental nature and substance of humans, as well as the range of human behavior that is believed to be invariant over longRead More

my dainty Ariel

Shakespeare presents the tensions between Civilisation and Nature through the way in which the settlers interact with one another, through the relationship between the natives of the Island and the settlers, through the way in which Shakespeare presents characteristics in both Prospero and Caliban which oppose the generalisations of civilisedRead More



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