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The team managing the project

Thanks to immense financial efforts and very long hours on the part of the team managing the project, the reconstruction was completed in 2005, one year earlier than planned, and cost approximately $218 million (Landmark Dresden Church Completes Rise from the Ashes, http://www. dw-world. de/dw/article/0,2144,1758986,00. html). The process of rebuildingRead More

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Rights Project

The earliest record of an HIV carrier in Thailand was made in 1984. At that time, the government was not alarmed. Basic measures were taken to combat this fatal disease, and were targeted on high-risk groups, like prostitutes and drug users. The rise in the number of infected people, particularlyRead More

Project Structure

Furthermore, minor focus will be on the European Union impact and its influence on the island and the economic results of this since 1974. This evaluation will help to show the differences as well as the problem points. In the final chapter the future of Cyprus will be discussed andRead More

Project Rationale

This document looks at the present day state of Cyprus, the largest of the Mediterranean island after Sicily and Sardinia, with its split into two communities, each at odds with the other. The history of the island and in particular of this relatively modern occurrence are considered from various pointsRead More



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