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Professional Golfer

Sport psychology is the scientific behavioral study of people in sports and exercise context, including the practical applications of the knowledge earned from the study. As a consequence, principles and guidelines acquired by sport and exercise psychologists can be used by professional for helping adults and children to participate inRead More

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My name is Nadine Abdel-Ghafar and as a 17 year old female named and one of 30 million people living in the 21st century, I believe that I still have a lot to learn about the world. Unlike previous generations with technological advances such as the invention of the internetRead More

Professional counselors

Being the right time for career development, also this is the right time to set up personal relations and family relations. One has to plan and cope up well with one’s marriage plans, or we say in other words it is the right time to choose one’s life partner. Here,Read More

Young Urban Professionals

The term “Yuppies” is deciphered as Young Upwardly-Mobile Urban Professionals. The word came to signify a cultural subgroup of professional young people coming from middle and upper middle classes. Their emergence in the 1980s as a separate group resulted in part as counteraction to the social ideals of the 1970s,Read More



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