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The biggest barrier to the last two is one of resource, particularly PR. A deeper review of the company’s capabilities in this area is suggested with the view to either further recruitment of specialised skills or outsourcing. Part C Limitations and Benefits of the technique The technique gives structure when looking at complexRead More

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Arthur Miller

Miller said The Crucible was about “the conflict between a man’s raw deeds and his conception of himself” Discuss how Miller has used conflict in one scene and how this relates to conflict throughout the play, as well as its social and historical context. The Crucible is a play, whichRead More

Why does he make his individual sacrifice?

Arthur Miller was born on the 17th of October 1915, in New York. He grew up in Harlem. He was a playwright from the 1930’s onwards. His first big success was the play All My Sons. In 1953 Miller wrote his most politically significant work, The Crucible. It was basedRead More

Arthur Miller

In what ways does Miller succeed in making the moment when Proctor tears up his confession particularly dramatic? “The Crucible” by Arthur Miller shows many themes of what life could have been like in the seventeenth century. The play is set in the town of Salem, amongst a Puritan society.Read More

Abigail accused Elizabeth

n what ways can the audience see that the `The Crucible`, by Arthur Miller, is a play which is essentially concerned with the spiritual development of the central character John Proctor Crucible – ‘a pot in which base metals are melted down in order to purify them separating out baseRead More



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