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In Sheila and Mr Birling

  Even before she learns of her involvement in the death, she says, ‘ I can’t help thinking about this girl destroying herself so horribly, and I’ve been so happy tonight’. This shows us the sympathetic side of Sheila’s character. When she learns about Eva Smith’s dismissal from Mr Birling’sRead More

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Being a socialist

In Act One of ‘An Inspector Calls’ how does J. B. Priestley convey his concerns and ideas to the audience, as well as involve and interest them in the play? In ‘An Inspector Calls’ Priestley presents ideas about responsibility and community. Being a socialist, Priestley believed that everyone is responsibleRead More

In act one of an inspector calls

Priestley introduces the characters by stage directions, the cast in the play is Arthur Birling thinks a lot of himself he’s bigheaded, really cocky, thinks he’s clever and is a business man. Eric plays the character that is half shy and half assertive; he asks a lot of questions andRead More

An inspector calls

  It is obvious that she holds Gerald responsible and this should be shown by the bitterness that creeps into her voice when she recalls how he lied to her about his activities the previous summer. In this act, Sheila also needs to show bitterness in her voice towards herRead More

Themes and Issues

  As director, I think that Eric should appear to be slightly angry and maybe jealous at Gerald’s relationship with his father, whilst Gerald shows his happiness of being accepted by his future father-in-law with a smile on his face. The Inspector’s entrance is timed deliberately by Priestley, with theRead More



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