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The dramatic function of Ophelia in Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’.

In William Shakespeare’s ‘Hamlet’ the character Ophelia performs a very interesting and important role in the elaboration of the plot. Ophelia is a tragic victim, a common component of Shakespeare’s revenge tragedies and something that the audience would have come to expect. It is perhaps surprising that a vulnerable andRead More

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If Hamlet is mad, then there is no tragedy

If Hamlet is mad, then there is no tragedy – Discuss Hamlet’s madness is feigned, faked and put on – period! If he was truly mad then how can there be a tragedy in the full Greek sense of the term? Macbeth may have shown shades of madness/desperation towards theRead More

Catch 22 – act three scene three of Hamlet

As Elisabeth Kubler-Ross once said, “guilt is perhaps the most painful companion of death, most especially if you are the perpetrator of the single most heinous crime of humanity. ” It seems that Miss Kubler-Ross and the character of King Claudius of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet share rather different philosophies onRead More



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