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Compare the relative success of democratisation in South Africa

  In taking ths view then, South Africa’s democratisation has been more successful than Russia’s as the people are content with the party and the leader in rule. In Russia the people have been less content with the ruler in power as the popular name for Boris Yeltsin was “CzarRead More

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World city aspirations

  For this reason, Dubai’s urban entrepreneurialism will be evaluated not in rational economic or eulogistic terms, but in recognition of the sociological dimensions of these mega-projects for the city’s pre-existing social divisions (Levi 2009, p. 5). With that in mind, attention should now be turned towards the way sociologistsRead More

Political theory

It has been argued that power and authority are both very similar in essence as they both involve control or manipulation. “Power is the ability to influence the behaviour of others” (Politics, Heywood A. , pg 5) whereas authority is the right to do so. The question is simply whetherRead More

Barbara Goodwin

  First of all they had to be a well-defined group, as well as having a key decision power and preferences over other groups, and finally they must regularly prevail over other groups. It can be noted that Dahl’s view of power is about getting things done, which is reflectedRead More



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