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The three traditions of political thought

1. The three traditions of political thought, according to the study guide, are supposed to be mutually exclusive. In Martin Wight’s reading each tradition is described and each of them has special characteristics that prove their exclusiveness. For the Revolutionist the main point of their international theory is the “moralRead More

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Veronica Mars

The hero of the show is this extraordinarily smart, college freshman girl who solves the crime despite of being in male dominated profession. Although she has the brains and capacity to solve the crime, she uses her sexuality to get access to information or out of trouble. There is aRead More

Political theory

21st century religious fundamentalism also possess other aspects in their ideology that is absent in 20th century European Fascism. Some of these attributes are otherworldliness and messianic spirit (where fundamentalists are concerned with the sacred and devote energy only in activities consonant with the words of God), against science (rejectingRead More

The current Political issue

In today’s world, drugs are everywhere, some of the legal ones include; coffee, alcohol and medicine from hospitals Some illegal ones include heroin, cannabis and cocaine. People take drugs for various reasons, for example people take drugs because of curiosity, peer pressure, mental stress, guilt, enjoyment, low self-esteem, ignorance, runningRead More

Political and social divisions

The next theory is the theory of constructivism. During the early years of the colonial period, Rwandan people were identified as one and having a single solid culture which they lived in. They Batutsi and Bahutu tribes were merged into one Rwandan society which was under control by foreign forces.Read More



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