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Cystic fibrosis

Parkinson’s disease is described as ‘idiopathic’ which is term used to describe something of unknown cause, in other words, the reason why Parkinson’s disease occurs is unknown, although it is understood what happens in the brain to cause these symptoms. In Parkinson’s the cells that control coordination in the brain,Read More

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Republican policy

The economic war had begun in 1932. Eamon De Valera had become Taoiseach on the 9th of March 1922 and from the outset he was determined to pursue a republican policy. He vowed to remove the Oath of Allegiance from the Irish Constitution and introduced the relevant legislation to theRead More

Stress in social workers

  This in turn influences their work, stress levels and resultant staffing problems. Johnson and Sarenson (78) recognized individual differences in reaction to ‘stress’ and identified a higher rate of stress related symptoms amongst those who were controlled by external forces. Within the organisation, Social Workers often feel obligated toRead More

Child Benefit

One may begin by stating that social policy, in it’s broadest sense, is about the welfare of people and is concerned with their social needs and the social problems they encounter. Social policy came about as an attempt to rectify social problems and offer some form of welfare aid andRead More

If Philip had died in 1584

Traditionally Philip has been viewed as the aggressive ‘Black Legend’, a Catholic Monarch who, through foreign policy seeked to expand his lands and destroy Protestantism and heresy. He was greatly influenced by his father who even provided ‘Instructions of 1543’ stating that Philip ‘should not give up one inch ofRead More



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