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Role of Correction Officers

Correction officers have a major role in correctional facilities. While the officers are supposed to help correct and rehabilitate inmates in a prison, they are also supposed to make sure the community outside the walls of the prisons are safe. The officers are usually good at what they do ifRead More

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The NPF successful?

  They contributed their views to the vision statement during shared-vision seminars as well as started feeling part of the process and the vision. To further facilitate this process as well as self-learning and team building, learning centres (with on-line computer systems for Internet) and coffee corners were created. TheRead More

Written assignment on experimental learning

  The advice that I gave was to best of knowledge as for obvious reasons she did not want anyone else in the college to know of her predicament in fear that her family would find out and of what they might do. I informed of that she must reportRead More



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