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Gilbert Ryle

In understanding the distinction that many philosophers make between body and soul (mind), it is important to define these key terms. The ‘body’ is considered to be the physical form of human or animal, ‘the complete material structure or physical form. ‘ It is the outer characteristic that generally peopleRead More

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The Confessions presents itself as a book about God

  Augustine on the other side of the spectrum though, because of the power of God, believes that humans have the ability to act graciously on their own without it being such strife. When he is talking of the true love of God and deliverance, he belives that if oneRead More


  When we die, provided we have met certain requirements, we enter into this spiritual dimension where we spend a joyful eternity. A strong Christian tradition, derived from what seems to be Paul’s negativity towards sensuality and sex, teaches aversion to the imperfect world of the senses. We become “holy”Read More

Plato’s theory

The allegory of the cave by Plato is a series of dialogues by Socrates who was his biggest influence and by Glaucon who was Plato’s older brother. The allegory see’s men since birth sitting in a cave in near total darkness but for a fire behind them with their headsRead More



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