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Two media pieces

Write a response to these pieces in which you consider the aims and the purposes of each piece; the methods used by the writers to persuade the readers of their point of view: any similarities in approach and which you find the most convincing. This piece of media coursework asksRead More

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Non-fiction Piece

Bullying is defined as: ’repeated verbal, physical, or social behavior that involves the misuse of power by an individual or group towards one or more persons to deliberately inflict harm’. Bullying has always occurred; it is a primitive instinct and reverberates through not only our species but the animal kingdomRead More

Tail Piece or the Bathos

Six months before his death, Hogarth published what would be his last masterpiece, the Tailpiece, or The Bathos officially published on 17 April 1764, this was Hogarth’s last feature and self-proclaimed ending. In a commercial in the St James’s Chronicle for 14 April 1764 he announced: “it may serve asRead More



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