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Today, I read the news about the earthquake in Haiti and a thought popped up in my mind: why is it that I rarely hear about disasters happening to countries like Britain, Japan, or anywhere capable of saving the situation? Why do disasters generally happen to countries like Haiti whoRead More

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Physiological studies

Physiological studies confirmed that the human cochlea has normal adult function after the 20th week of gestation 44 . It has also been found, through the use of high-resolution ultrasound imaging for observing eye-blink responses to vibroacoustic stimulus applied to the maternal abdominal wall, that infants are able to detectRead More

Physiological studies

Preferential responsiveness to particular odours is not limited to the odours they experienced prenatally or odours from the breast region. Cernoch and Porter 30 have shown that two-week- old breast-fed infants preferentially orient their head toward a pad impregnated with their mothers’ axillary odour relative to the axillary odour ofRead More



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