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Denis Mcquail

The modern journalism has been made by major developments including technological advancements in the way news are gathered and transmitted. The growth of trade and technologies in the journalism sector has been realized due to dissemination and gathering of information regularly. The routine journalism makes the stakeholders to integrate andRead More

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Introvert personality

Being self motivated calls for a good dosage of positively aggressive behaviour at work place. Introverts would find it highly difficult to be self motivated. In a job where it involves regular public contact, it would be quite normal to encourage and appreciate people around. It would be next toRead More

Structured definition of equality

Whilst the concept of equality has been deemed subjective owing to the absence of a structured definition of equality in the verse itself and consequently where this is exemplified by the divergences between the various schools of thought regarding the maintenance owed to each wife and whether it is subjectRead More

Andrea Hershatter

Advisor Andrea Hershatter is the dean of the undergraduate student at the Goizueta Business School, Emory University where she teaches Entrepreneurship. She has strong experience in new venture management and will advise our company with their critical management issues. CoViTek is a company, which will allocate video vending machines acrossRead More

An Average Joe

Sulaimaan was a normal teenager like the rest of the boys at school. He played worked and mucked around as much as the other kids do. He had ambitions such as wanting to be an astronaut and dreamed that he had super powers or wanted to become like his favoriteRead More



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