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Andrea Hershatter

Advisor Andrea Hershatter is the dean of the undergraduate student at the Goizueta Business School, Emory University where she teaches Entrepreneurship. She has strong experience in new venture management and will advise our company with their critical management issues. CoViTek is a company, which will allocate video vending machines acrossRead More

An Average Joe

Sulaimaan was a normal teenager like the rest of the boys at school. He played worked and mucked around as much as the other kids do. He had ambitions such as wanting to be an astronaut and dreamed that he had super powers or wanted to become like his favoriteRead More

Bertolt Brecht – Biographie

Bertolt Brecht wurde am 10. Februar 1898 in Augsburg geboren. Er war ein wissensdurstiger Mann, der Naturwissenschaften, Literatur und Medizin unsystematisch studierte, sich jedoch bald dem Theater zu wandte, als Dramaturg an den Mi?? nchner Kammerspielen arbeitete, dann als Regisseur bei Max Reinhardt in Berlin. 1918 diente er als Saniti??Read More

Espresso Chenille

I would like to use this fabric for the sofa upholstery of my lounge. This fabric has a rub test of 30,000 and is medium weight. It is good for “severe domestic use”. It can withstand the traffic of a lot of people in this common area and the colorRead More

Richard Rompala

In 1994, Richard Rompala joined Valspar as its President , a year later he became the CEO followed by Chairman in 1998. From 1996-97 Valspar completed the acquisition of Coating Unit of TOTAL S. A whose operations were spread through Europe and Central Asia. In 1998 the company acquired AnzolRead More