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The Importance of a Personal Statement Essay

The creative composition is the most important stage of the entrance exam because the individual abilities of the entrant can be viewed and evaluated with the help of this type of work.  Writing personal statement essay is the best option for students to prove that they deserve to study in a particular institution. Read on in this article how to write it correctly.

Mission Essay Structure

When doing this type of work, a student should follow the usual structure of an essay. This means that it should contain an introduction, where an author should try to make a reader interested in this topic, a thesis statement which constitutes the main thought of the whole work, body paragraphs where a student should argue his perspective applying to his personal values, principles, and experiences, and a conclusion where an applicant should briefly sum up all his affirmations.

Peculiarities of a Personal Statement Essay

A personal statement essay is a standard type of work; however, it has its own peculiarities. This task is almost always given to students by graduate admissions in order to enter college or university, so it should be learned how to write it correctly. The initial its peculiarity lies in the fact that personal statement implies a story about your life, values, experience, situations, and challenges you have overcome and lessons you have learned from it. You should write about yourself and only about yourself. The purpose of this task is to persuade that you are the best candidate. The topics of this essay can be different, and sometimes students are proposed to choose a theme by their own. Your value statement also can vary and reflect your desires, life principles, career expectations and future life. You can address to various moments from your experience. It can be any event or situation happened to you, the example of your family or any person impressed you, or it can even be a book that became your guide in life. The main point is that it should reflect your identity as much as possible. Your personal statement should be clear and ethical; it also should be proven by real examples from your life that led you to precisely this conclusion. It also should be unique. Do not forget that there are hundreds of applicants to your college or university, and most of them are clever, skilled and experienced. You should prove that you are good enough; you have enough knowledge and motivation to study in this institution. One of the best ways to develop a personal statement is to link your mission with the subjects you will have to study. For example, if you want to enter a medical faculty, your mission will be to help people to be healthy. You need to make this affirmation more concrete and tell what led you to this decision and what you want to do in future to realize your mission in practice.

What Topics to Choose?

Your main goal is to express yourself and prove that you are smart, motivated, interesting and broad-minded. For this purpose, it is better to develop your own topic that has never been writing on since all admissions committees are already bored with the same papers, themes, and arguments. It should be something almost unique. This will give you a great chance to stand out from the crowd and make your composition really seen and carefully read.

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