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HRM and performance

However, there is some distinct evidence to prove HRM’s impact on performance is not as strong as supporters believe. Redman and Wilinson(2009:31) put forward a question “which practices should be included? ” They pointed out it is probably easier to pick up so-called negative practices that have a negative impactRead More

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Employees’ performance

Performance management is a system that measures employees’ performance, ensures that they are on the right track and creates the link between performance and rewards. Level of trust is related to impartial performance management system, which relates to job satisfaction, long-term commitment to produce long-term productivity. Performance reviews includes theRead More

Corporate performance

Linking pay to good management, it is essential that the employee feels that there is a correlation between their own performance and the pay they receive. Clarity about what kind of behaviour and what kind of work is being rewarded and recognized is necessary to ensure employees model the rightRead More



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