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Atomic structure

  These high-energy electrons collide with he atoms of the element and knock off electrons leaving positively charged ions. Hopefully each atom loses one electron only and so forms a 1+ ion. 2) These ions are then Accelerated by being subjected to an electric field, so that we now haveRead More

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Tungsten in light bulbs

  The reason for tungsten’s unusually high melting point is that potassium was located in small bubbles in the tungsten. It is these potassium bubbles which provide the wire with its unique high temperature creep resistance. Potassium is essentially insoluble in the tungsten. The bubbles are first formed from theRead More

The action of catalase on hydrogen peroxide

The amount of yeast will be controlled by making up a suspension of 5g of freeze dried yeast in 50cm3 of water, and frequently stirring the suspension. The yeast will be measured out with a 1cm3 syringe accurate to 0. 05cm3.  The apparatus will be kept the same for eachRead More



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