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Termination Failure

This paper discusses the concept of Information Systems (IS) failure as a whole. Also discussed are the various types of IS failures and the factors that differentiate an IS success or failure. The paper also deals with the Critical Success Factors (CSF) and Critical Failure Factors (CFF) associated with ISRead More

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Defining Teams 

According to Kerr, “Teams are replacing individuals as the basic building blocks of organizations.”1 In 2000 Kerr estimates teamworking was a strategy employed by 90% of Fortune 500 companies. Team-oriented workgroups appear in numerous case studies promising exceptional results in improved efficiency and increased productivity. Organisations therefore perceive operational advantage inRead More

American organization

To start with, Procter & Gamble is an American organization located in Cincinnati (Ohio), which produces an extensive variety of consumer products. The Procter & Gamble organization (P&G) is considered to be one of the biggest producers of consumer products. The chief manufacturer of household goods in the U. S.Read More

Organic material

Valmayor (2000) stated that banana is native to Southeast Asia, and the Philippines is within its center of origin and diversity. Banana is also the premier fruit in the international export trade. In agreement with agrolink. moa, banana is normally propagated by suckers or tissue culture materials. If by sucker,Read More

The organization to its peak

The third reason Gregory (2007) has identified as a reason why people leave their job is related to their relationship with their manager. This is, predictably, also one of the most important reasons why people stay in the same organisation. Seven out of ten people leave their job because ofRead More



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