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Mrs. Mann

The novel “Oliver Twist” was written in the Victorian period by the famous Charles Dickens, witch was also the period of the industrial revolution. Because the population was very high and still increasing the demand for goods also dramatically increased. With such a high demand the living conditions and goodsRead More

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Mrs Mann and Mr Bumble

In ”Oliver Twist” Dickens presents a powerful critique of Victorian society and its treatment of the poor. Paying particular attention to chapter two of the novel, explore the methods Dickens employs to achieve this. “Oliver Twist” was the second novel of Charles Dickens and the first one with the mainRead More

Charles Dickens

  The first one is the workhouse. “THE ROOM IN WHICH THE BOYS WERE FED WAS A LARGE STONE HALL ,WITH A COPPER IN ONE END” – the workhouse had a dirty environment . The children had to live in unhygienic conditions and had to starve for food. “The hungryRead More

Charles Dickens

  Through this sarcasm, Dickens manages to punch the message to the reader about how cold hearted the middle-class was. Mrs. Mann and Mr. Bumble are careless about the death of 2 children. When Mr. Bumble asks Mrs. Mann how the orphans were, Mrs. Mann says “they are as wellRead More



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