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Gabriel Oak

From your reading of Far from the Madding Crowd, what do you find of interest in Hardy’s presentation of women’s experiences in the 19th century? We take for granted that women can choose whether or not to marry, and whether or not to have children, and how many. In theRead More

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Boldwood towards Bathsheba

The title straight away informs you that this story, although set in the country-side is not going to be that different from life in the city. The title is ironic; it shows the characters struggling and suffering, maddened people committing suicide, yet they live in idyllic rural surroundings. ‘Far fromRead More

Although Gabriel

” By saying this, he is offering Bathsheba security, and at this point in the novel, financial security, as he is better off than she is at this time. As a deep thinker and a quiet man, we could believe that when Bathsheba refuses his proposal, Oak could become disturbedRead More

Children and Mrs Lyons

The contrast of Mrs. Johnstone having several children but little money and Mrs. Lyons having no children but a lot of money is an important point put across by Russell. He is showing that despite her wealth, Mrs. Lyons, leads an empty life without children, especially with her husband beingRead More



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