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The face of Broadcasting

The 1989 Broadcasting act changed the face of Broadcasting in New Zealand. Prior to 1989 broadcasting in New Zealand was a tightly regulated affair. The government controlled, Broadcasting Corporation of New Zealand (BCNZ) and Broadcasting Tribunal, were the two major players on the New Zealand Broadcasting scene. In 1988 TheRead More

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Pionair adventure’s

The struggle Beth Heke goes through to find strength in herself, is much like the Maori struggle to regain their culture. Beth, through an abusive relationship with her husband, Jake, finds her way back to the island she grew up on and her traditional Maori family. The Maori were inRead More

The need for structural and institutional change

  This case is added for the sake of completeness, but is unlikely to be attainable in practice. In practical terms, most OECD countries would confess to poor performance against the policy co-ordination scale. Yet co-ordination of international relations is vital, whether those relations take the form of bilateral contactsRead More

Foreign aid

Johnson (2000) defines aid as flows of resources aimed at encouraging economic development or alleviating short-term crisis. The phrase suggests a gesture of goodwill from rich countries to poor countries to help achieve the mentioned goals however the assistance mostly comes with strings attached. (Hoy, 1998). Aid is apparent inRead More



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