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Writing Personal Narrative Essay

Narrative essay is a story about some events in a life of an author. Very often this type of tasks is used in the entrance exams to give the student an opportunity to talk about himself, about a certain personal experience that he obtained and prove why he is better than other candidates against the background of the experience that he gained. The narrative is a sequence of developing actions, a change of states, phenomena, and events. The expressive power of narration lies primarily in the depiction of situations, phenomena, in the visual representation of actions occurring in time and space.

The Goal of This Work

The purpose of the personal narrative essay is to inform about the evolving events and about their fulfillment in chronological order. While writing a narrative essay, a student should answer the following questions. He should specify the events, its main heroes (in the case of a personal paper a student himself will be the main hero of a story), what did he learn from these events and how he will apply his conclusions and experience in future. The main role in the narrative is played by verbal forms; they ensure the unfolding of the narrative and clearly represent the order in which some situation happened in time and space.

It may seem that this type of work is very simple. However, the ability to write smooth narrative prose is a whole art that writers perfect for years; develop their own style to create harmonious, compelling stories.

Paper Structure

And really, at first glance, the storytelling is an elementary form of speech, because every day we mainly speak, but do not describe and reason. We tell about the lived day, about the events that took place. However, when we need to fix oral speech on paper, we sometimes get lost, because in order to tell in detail such a simple event as going to the store, it is necessary to use a lot of verbs, gerunds, to figure out the sequence of events, to fit in the details, to flavor epithets and make this text understandable, readable, interesting. The good narrative paper has a clear structure as its basis. This structure is dynamic and must express “time sequence relationships,” that is, fix changes, rather than describe a static picture of the world.

Narrative essay always has the following plan. It consists of the introduction (place and time of action), the beginning of the action, its amplification, the culmination of action (the most intense moment of the plot), the denouement and the conclusion.

Plan of a Personal Narrative Essay

It is necessary to work on this type of paper in the following sequence. A student should select an event that he will talk about, formulate the theme and the main idea of the future story, title it, select the necessary material from his memories or collect it from other sources, make a plan, indicating in it an introduction, an amplification of events, a culmination and a conclusion. It is also preferable to use the dialogue (or individual replicas), description elements (perhaps, reasoning) in the story, and so that they help to more fully present the course of events and the characters of the heroes a student is writing about.

Features This Type of Work Should Have

The persuasive narrative should correspond to some requirements. The initial feature is plausibility – what is happening should be convincing, even if it is a fictional world where other laws of physics operate. The text should be clear and coherent. Any text that is full of verbal, grammatical, lexical mistakes repels an intelligent reader. And the last one is a consistency of time. Narrating, the author should remember about the chosen time and write in conformity with it in order to avoid annoying mistakes leading to absurd and semantic collapse.

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