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The purpose of this experiment

Solution mixture of reaction (1) at the equivalence point is alkaline, while that of reaction (2) is acidic and that of reaction (3) is neutral. Therefore the whole titration should have three breaks in the pH curve, corresponding to the above three stages. Reactions (1) and (3) can be indicatedRead More

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Making a standard solution

To find the molarity of the unknown acid, first we had to create a standard solution, the solution we created was Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH). We wanted a 0. 1 molar solution of sodium hydroxide so to get this we had to dissolve 4g of NaOH into 1000cm? of water, butRead More

Antacid effectiveness analysis

1. To determine the neutralizing ability of antacids in different brands. 2. To compare the effectiveness of commercial antacids and their side effects. Reasons for Choice of Topic In nowadays, many HK people are suffering from upset stomach due to heavy workload, nervous tension due to the stress of dailyRead More



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