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Gender and Education

Basit T (1997) ‘I want more freedom, but not too much’: British Muslim girls and the dynamism of family values. Gender and Education, Volume 9 (4). How do you perceive other ethnic groups? Do you base it on stereotypical views? Or do you know the reasons behind things that areRead More

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Consumer culture case study

  Hence the controversy over whether consumption is a sphere of manipulation or freedom. How is magazine publishing part of “Consumer Culture” Magazine publishing is both a cultural activities and a business. Magazine are vehicles of new idea and sources of entertainment. But the task of bring them into existenceRead More

Western progress collide

In this short story by Attia Hosain, tradition clashes with western progress and culture. The story starts with a Muslim couple going out for a dinner party at a friend’s home. Straight away the wife, who is more cultural than her husband, seems to stand out, act different. We mustRead More



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