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Contingency Framework

Solution knowledge refers to understanding and agreement concerning how to solve problems and reach organizational goals. This variable can range from complete agreement and certainty to complete disagreement and uncertainty about cause-effect relationships leading to problem solution. When means are well understood, the appropriate alternatives can be identified and calculatedRead More

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Decision-making models

Due to the importance of the group decision-making process, decision-making models can be used to establish a systematic means of developing effective group decision making. From the readings, in general, four group decision-making models can be identified each possessing distinct advantages and disadvantages. These four models are the rational, political,Read More

Models and Modeling

Going through the existing literature there are a lot of definitions that might be found in the concept of “models” and “modeling”. Basically, it depends on the aspect that you are seeing modeling and the way as well as the domain you are using modeling. “Models can be personal suchRead More

Genetic modification

If someone were, for example, racist, they would be unhappy about giving/receiving an organ, which links to the question, do you have to say where the organ came from? The following questions are also asked: Who decides the order of priority of people? Should a parent be permitted to sacrifice themselvesRead More

Strategy and change

Building an online knowledge network will have long-range impacts on the organization at several levels: ? At the level of human resource management, it will impact job descriptions and incentive structures. ? At the practice level, it will require new training, job evaluation, scheduling, and day-to-day task-management processes. ? AndRead More



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