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Media analysis of: Train rape horror of student, 18

  This furthers the accuracy of Chibnall’s theory by incorporating the element of ‘Personalisation’ in to the text, making the victim real and reiterating the ‘virgin attacked by monster’ theory4, as the victim was doing a routine task, not something that would ordinarily place anyone in danger. The article thenRead More

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Investigate the Guardian and the Mirror

  Harcup and O’Neill’s (2001) adaptation of Galtung and Ruge’s (1973) theory separated the elite persons factor into a ‘Celebrities’ and ‘ The Power Elite’ factor, as they stated in their research, that the difference between politicians and celebrities were unclear. The power elite, concerned powerful individuals (most likely politicians)Read More

The layout in each report differs, although again

The Mirror and The Times are very similar. The Mirror has small easy-to-read paragraphs. It has a lot of informational pictures, so even if only the pictures are read you have an idea of the account. The main headline is concise, very factual and monosyllabic. There is a small pictureRead More

Patterns of language

In my opinion I think that the length of the sentences in an article can suggest a lot about the actual article. After reading the article in the Times I noticed that the length of the sentences was quite short and that some of the sentences seemed to be basedRead More



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