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Absolon’s joly

Chaucer’s ‘The Miller’s Tale’ is one of the most recognised forms of fabliaux, a short story written in verse about people of lower class, in which the common plot of a love triangle between the stereotypical characters of a cunning young student, a jealous old husband and his young beautifulRead More

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Miller’s Tale

We learn from the Miller’s portrait that “his mouth as great as a greet forneys” and he tells “synne and noriotries”. We know from this that the Miller will be telling a crude story and using crude language, not a romance. We also know that the Miller is lower classRead More

The Miller’s Tale

  There is clearly no sexual attraction between Alison and her much older husband, John the carpenter. Absolon with his ridiculously absurd attempts to woo women and more specifically Alison is similarly ineffective in successfully ‘conquering’ her. It could be possible then to deduce a lesson about the most successfulRead More

The characters of Abigail and Elizabeth

Through Abigail and Elizabeth Miller is showing the theme of good versus evil and light versus darkness in which they are also extremes on the scale. Elizabeth is representing the good and the light by standing up for herself and her friends. She also strives for the truth to beRead More

Hathorne and Danforth

Miller has presented Abigail as a stubborn and selfish girl in that she’d hurt anyone and jeopardise the well beings of her fellow Puritans for a little more power and respect within Salem by accusing anyone of being seen with the Devil. She has been presented to the audience byRead More



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