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The taughtness of the wire

The aim of this experiment is to investigate how the extension of a length of wire is affected by the force. I will then find stress and strain after finding these variables, for which I can finally complete my objective which is to find the young’s modulus for the material,Read More

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By rearranging the formula

Outline plan: I will determine the extension of a piece of copper wire when various loads are placed upon it at the end. Using the results I will thus calculate Young`s modulus. Background Young modulus (E) is a quantity that describes the resistance of a wire to stretching. The quantityRead More

This is called strain

The aim of this investigation that I am about to carry out is to undertake a stress-strain analysis (Young Modulus) of a wire found on an ancient mummified Persian princess who according to one translation is a daughter of the King Xerxes which was about 2,600 years ago. After IRead More



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