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I saw blood brothers in London in July 2003

The stage production is wholly based on the book written by Willy Russell, a Liverpuddlian author, in 1983. In the story twin boys are separated at birth – fate conspires to bring them together in tragic circumstances. There are many issues developed in Blood Brothers. The first is the effectRead More

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Mr and Mrs Lyons

Introduction It is a widely held belief that we are born innocent and our environment largely governs our path through life. The environment may be described as physical location, cultural influence and the society around you. However, there are those who would argue that genetics plays an equally, if notRead More

Blood Brother

I am writing to apply for the job of director in the new production of Blood Brother. I feel I would be perfect for this position because I can make the play more exciting and attract the audience’s attention. I can also help the actresses on their weak points andRead More

The police then shot Mickey

Willy Russell explores how class can make a big difference to society and people’s lives in the play Blood Brothers. Blood Brothers is set in Liverpool during the 1980’s. During the 20th century unemployment and poverty was high which lead to a massive gap between the rich and poor. WillyRead More

Mrs Lyons’ and Mrs Johnston’s

The first song , overture, is played when the twins are being placed in the body bags and being taken away, this is only a piece of music based on long very low notes, however it has low moaning voices in the background which sound very scary and unnerving andRead More



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