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Mexico’s Pittsburgh

In my individual project I will start by a brief description of the case in order to present the situation and the facts, then I will continue with an analysis of the cultural differences that impacted the joint-venture and I will end by presenting my recommendations regarding a better preparationRead More

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Latin America studies – stale of two worlds

In addition, often times negative stereotyping is preached in school textbooks as well as in the media. Therefore, imperative and rigorous awareness must be given to these two key areas: education and the media, with the aim to dampen the prejudices and harm created by the discriminating social values thatRead More

Japan Australia

“International business is all commercial transactions, private and governmental between two or more countries”. When a company operates internationally it adds foreign conditions to its domestic ones making the external environment more diverse. Is this whole thing only about market access? When entering a new culture, market access is notRead More



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