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Morally and legally

In “a View from the Bridge” Arthur Miller depicts the search for the American dream in the early 1900’s. Miller use of a narrator and precise stage directions give the play an underlying sense of tension from the very beginning. The use of power struggles between characters also gives theRead More

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Realistic and full of emotion

The fourth stimulus we used was history. W used a text about World War II to use as a basis for our improvisation. Firstly we were split into groups and had to brainstorm words to do with war. Some of the words we came up with were death, destruction, violence,Read More

ICT hardware guide

I wrote this user guide to introduce parts of a computer system and what each part does when we use the. This user guide offers a very basic knowledge of hardware components aimed primarily at people who don’t know much about computers. General Purpose System The computer system we useRead More



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