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September 2013 Medical Amendments

The industry of European medical device is an essential provider of effective, safe, and innovative healthcare solutions for the majority of patients in Europe. EU Commission started to consider and to evaluate the most appropriate way of coming up with tighter control measures on both the Notified Bodies and manufacturers.Read More

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Risk perception in abuse of antibiotics (Amoxicillin)

Approximately eight decades ago, antibiotics were discovered and marked a very vital development in the medical health sector. From that time to date there has been a revolution on antibiotics in their use in the treatment, management, and outcome of infections disease. Antibiotics are currently the most prescribed and mostRead More

To what extent can Machiavelli be said to be a moral thinker?

  If man is not inherently immoral then security can be achieved without the iron fist of the state and Machiavelli’s justification of the immoral acts performed by a prince in order to preserve security fails. Such acts may have been expedient at a time of political anarchy but areRead More



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