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Giles Corey

In 1692 there was a mass of hysteria and ordinary folk’s attention grew to matters such as: ‘Who was calling the devil? ‘ and ‘Who was dancing naked in the black of the night? ‘ The chaos and mayhem of this concerned everyone in the villages, and not long afterRead More

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A good man Elizabeth

“The Crucible” was written in the 1950s by Arthur Miller during the cold war between America and Russia. America, being a capitalist country disliked the fact that Russia were a communist nation and McCarthy brought in McCarthyism where he tried to hunt down communist sympathisers in the government and society.Read More

I mean to please you Elizabeth

With close reference to three or more key moments from ‘The Crucible’ discuss how Millers writing is both dramatic and relevant to a modern audience Arthur Miller was born in New York in 1915 and has written many successful books and plays. ‘The Crucible’ was one of the major playsRead More



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