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The African continent

In this essay I have chosen to examine the modernisation and dependency theories of development. These two theories come from completely different ends of the political and economic spectrum. The modernisation theory is basically a functionalist or capitalist theory, supported by Margaret Thatcher amongst others, whilst the dependency theory leansRead More

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What’s Left of the Welfare state

  Providing insurance against some of the main risks in a capitalist society. (Liberal)  Providing a social minimum below which nobody is allowed to fall. (Liberal)  Provide a base of equality, both general and specific (Socialist)  Build a communitarian society (Socialist) It seems confusing at this point in the examinationRead More

New right sociologists

To what extent can it be claimed that “positive discrimination” towards disadvantaged ethnic groups is an advisable government policy? (25 marks) Positive discrimination or “affirmative action” is defined as policies and programs meant as a corrective measure to redress discrimination against certain groups in society in the name of fairnessRead More

Functionalist and Feminist analysis to the film ‘If…’

Travis and his friends see women as sexual object that also shows their lack of respect for women. In the cafi??scene, the boys try to dominate the women and much to their amazement she is aware of this and stands her ground. She confronts Travis, which is shown as anRead More

Assess the usefulness

An area which sociologists and criminologists alike have researched and studied extensively is that of the rates of ethnic minorities offending in society, and the causes of their offending. This comes as no surprise as official statistics show that black people are over three times more likely to be arrestedRead More



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