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The Dunblane massacre

Gun crime has increased in recent years, including a near doubling of handgun offences since 1996, the year of the Dunblane massacre. In 2001-02, there were some 22,300 firearms offences, a rise of almost a third on the previous year. The number of people killed by firearms was 23. ButRead More

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Modeling complex phenomena

    (2004)]. The use of complex system models makes the comparison with the real world data possible and provides the opportunity for revision and improvement of the modeling, based on the real world characteristics (Jacobson and Wilensky, 2006). Furthermore, modeling can help learners “express and externalize their thinking” andRead More

Interview with a fellow student

  The interview that I carried out was quite informal and semi structured, as the client was able to expand on questions, but the interview was task orientated with key themes. As the interviewer, I had a purpose to find out how that person’s identity had impacted on their life.Read More

Good friday

Back to back houses were especially built for workers. It was the cheapest solution of living. Basically, back to back houses were houses put together or out in a row, with every house sharing at least one wall. Thank to this the creation of the house was way cheaper bothRead More

The rovers return

Looking at the way in which media messages and values are conveyed. We need to compare the representations of ethnicity in a range of soap operas. Ethnicity is ‘a subgroup of people sharing a common origin, culture, religion’. When looking at the way ethnic roles are depicted in soap operas,Read More



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