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Organizational Change

As societies continues to evolve each breaking day, change in demands for new services and products force companies to make changes in different departments in order to overcome competition. The company that is usually able to stay in the market for long is the one that is exceedingly flexible toRead More

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My Personal Development Plan

This personal development plan is about developing my profession as a maritime surveyor. The plan highlights the necessary steps I intend to take in improving my professional competence through knowledge and practice. Facts about fundamental personal development aspects such as continuing personal development are the core of the entire plan.Read More

Managing Supply Module 1 SLP

The supply management of the products helps the market stakeholders to determine their flow in the market from the time they were manufactured to the time when it reaches the customer (Mentzer, 2001). The product passes several processes before reaching to the end user including the storage and movement ofRead More

Integrated approach to catchment and coastal management

With the increased challenges of environmental conservation along the coastal regions and catchment areas, an integrated approach will play an imperative role. The approach has been applied in Australia, with an aim of fostering a sustainable growth and development. The Victoria Coastal zone indicates how the community, government and theRead More

Pest analysis

According to Harrison (2003) the external environment can be divided into broad and operating environments involving stake holders and firms outside of the traditional boundaries of the firm. Bensoussan & Fleisher ( 2008) & Finley (2000) take this further stating that by analysing the major forces surrounding an organization aRead More



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