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Reflective Essay on My Experience of Working for an Organization

As a management student, I have partaken various management positions in various organizations in the past years since commencement f my studies. Having been born and raised by an entrepreneur, I have had forehand experience in management from conducting managerial duties in my father’s establishments from a tender age. MyRead More

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Public Private Organization-Business Management

Group 4 Securicor (G4S) is one of the largest secure outsourcing companies in the United Kingdom (UK) and Ireland. The company has a turnover of more than 1.7 billion Pounds and over fifty-five thousand employees, supervised from over a hundred offices. The company has more than ten thousand customers thatRead More

Organizational Change

As societies continues to evolve each breaking day, change in demands for new services and products force companies to make changes in different departments in order to overcome competition. The company that is usually able to stay in the market for long is the one that is exceedingly flexible toRead More

My Personal Development Plan

This personal development plan is about developing my profession as a maritime surveyor. The plan highlights the necessary steps I intend to take in improving my professional competence through knowledge and practice. Facts about fundamental personal development aspects such as continuing personal development are the core of the entire plan.Read More

Managing Supply Module 1 SLP

The supply management of the products helps the market stakeholders to determine their flow in the market from the time they were manufactured to the time when it reaches the customer (Mentzer, 2001). The product passes several processes before reaching to the end user including the storage and movement ofRead More



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