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The resistance of a wire

I will then repeat this, to make sure that my results are accurate. I will take an average of my two results and write it into my table. I will then use the equation- R = V/I, to work out the resistance from the charge. Once I have done this,Read More

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The resistance of a wire

In a metal, the atoms exist as positive ions surrounded by electrons, some of which are free to move within the crystal structure. At all temperatures above absolute zero, all the particles are in constant motion. The ions held in place by strong binding forces, simply vibrate in their fixedRead More

The resistance it will create

Aim: The aim of this experiment to find the relationship between length of wire and the resistance it will create. Variable: Here are the list of variables in this investigation… Control Variables: Voltage of circuit Type of wire  Thickness / Cross sectional area  Components in circuit  Amount of connecting wiresRead More

Electricity and Magnetism

Factors/Fair test For working out the resistance due to with the factors that may cause a change in the resistance or, the gauge of the wire, at what length we measure the resistance form and also the temperate at what the wire is at. To keep this test fair theRead More

Planning an investigation

For my investigation I wired several different wire all with different properties and width of wire to collect results for different resistance in wires. The three different types of wire I used were Constantan 28 wire Constantane32 and copper wire 28. Each wire was subjected to 2 volts at variousRead More



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