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The Hydrochloric acid

Reactions occur when Hydrochloric acid particles collide with the Magnesium. They all work by increasing the number of Magnesium collisions. There are a number of factors that change the speed of a reaction:  Temperature  Concentration of Hydrochloric acid  Surface area  Addition of a catalyst To make a choice for thisRead More

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The light absorbency change

Section 1: Planning The aim of the investigation is to examine the kinetics involved in the reactions between acids and metals. The investigation focuses on determining if:  The type of acid (strong or weak) and the type of metal have an effect upon the activation energy of a reaction.  TheRead More

Magnesium oxide

I can’t have only 1 point connecting to zero to make a line of best fit because it would not be a very reliable line. Analysis The type of graph I have is as straight line in a positive correlation. The results are directly proportional which means as the massRead More

A metal and an acid

If you increase the number of particles in the solution it is more likely that they will collide more often. In the reaction, when the magnesium contacted the acid, it fizzed and produced bubbles. The activation energy of a particle increases with heat, and the particles that have the activationRead More



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