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National vocational qualifications

Unlike the US, no degree courses existed at this point, however the commission urged more graduates to enter the journalistic sphere. The notion that journalism can only be learnt on the job is a fiercely debated argument that continues even today. There is a strong contingent that believes journalists areRead More

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Cenap Cakmak

  Nonviolence can be best explained by examples, rather than theory or definitions. According to the author, Gandhi’s famous march is the best example to be mentioned first. US civil rights movement in 1950s and 1960s is another good example for nonviolent resistance. Thirdly, nonviolent action has been extensively usedRead More

The augmentation of progress

Berlin, the metropolis of the 1900s, set the foundations for the global city of London of the 20th century. It seems that globalization, a normal feature of social life by 2000, has in steadily quickening pace developed out of the classic modernity of 1900. Nevertheless it seems that the metropolisRead More

The Da Vinci Code

This book tells a story of a French cryptologist, Sophie Neveu, whose grandfather, Jacques Sauniere, an elderly curator of the Louvre Museum, was murdered mysteriously. Before he died, he left various clues through symbols, words and the position which his body laid when he died to tell his granddaughter ofRead More

Elegy written in a country Churchyard

Pastoral, taken from the Latin ‘Pastor’, meaning ‘Shepherd’, refers to literary work dealing with shepherds and the rustic, countryside lifestyle. The pastoral represents more of an idealized view rather than that of a realistic one. “If we would copy Nature, it may be useful to take this idea along withRead More



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