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Identification and analysis

During the mid-1960’s, 3M was conducting a four-year program called ‘Polymers for Adhesives’ and it was then in 1968 that Mr. Silver discovered the formula for the sticky adhesive. Mr Silver, one of the chemists became interested in a new family of polymers developed by Archer Daniels Midland, Inc. (ADM).Read More

Literature review

Recently, Knowledge Management (KM) has emerged in the Business Studies literature as one of the most debatable concept. In reality, while KM seems to be successfully implemented in large organizations, it is largely neglected by small and medium sized firms (SMEs). Moreover, in order to compete, like any large enterprises,Read More

The academic literature

Critically analyse the academic literature on a national culture of your choice from the ones studied, described and mapped by Hofstede, and Hofstede & Bond. Using their views plus those of Trompenaars and other researchers, indicate the likely implications and potential pitfalls for an Anglo-Saxon manager working with people fromRead More

The four counselling sessions documented within this case

    She remarked afterwards that it had helped to talk as she felt her general state had improved. She then shook my hand and kissed me on the cheek – a gesture that I have reflected on alone and within the MSc group supervision. Initially my feeling was ofRead More

P’tang, yang, kipperbang

‘P’tang, yang, kipperbang’ is a play written for television which focuses around the life of a teenage boy, named Alan Duckworth. Set after the war, the play gives the viewer or reader a well documented insight into teenage life at this point in time. The main character, Alan is notRead More