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Short story as a form, in comparison to the novel and poetry

Literature is quite a wide and is always classified into two forms, that is, fictional and non-fictional literature. There are two types of techniques that are applied in literature, the prose and the poetry. Literature that is written in form of poetry will always make emphasis on rhythmic qualities ofRead More

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Shooting an Elephant

“Shooting an Elephant” is one of the major fascinating stories written by George Orwells. In this story, he tries to narrate his past life experiences as a police officer and how he was forced to kill an elephant by Burmese crowd. He explains how he was confronted with a terribleRead More

Saudi Students’ Attitude towards the Study of English Literature

The integration of English literature into the ESL curriculum aimed at offering educational rationale and pedagogical benefits due to its strong connection with culture. The cultural phenomenon involves the behaviors, beliefs, customs, social behaviors, and attitude that provide a distinct identity of different societal characteristics to which language is established.Read More

Character Analysis of Gregor in “The Metamorphosis” by Kafka

In the Metamorphosis, Kafta (2003) talks about the transformation of Gregory from a human being to a cockroach. Though this may appear ridiculous, and exaggerated, it gradually become real as the actions unfold and emotions become more charged. The author’s aim is to explore and expose the insolvency of humanRead More

Identification and analysis

During the mid-1960’s, 3M was conducting a four-year program called ‘Polymers for Adhesives’ and it was then in 1968 that Mr. Silver discovered the formula for the sticky adhesive. Mr Silver, one of the chemists became interested in a new family of polymers developed by Archer Daniels Midland, Inc. (ADM).Read More



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