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Mature style

In this essay my aim is to outline the life of Dion Boucicault. I will look at his life, what influenced him and his work. I also examine how the experiences gained while travelling helped or hindered his career. Dion Boucicault was born in Dublin in 1820 and he died inRead More

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Mundane lifestyle

The aspect of sound cannot be established off the written media. The modulation of sound from time to time draws the viewer’s attention. It extends our imagination that if we were in such a place for more than a few months our mind would stop. Thus, this effect used byRead More

Negative column

The language used in the workplace by the employees was all sophisticated and they would use all these fancy job-related words, which I hadn’t heard before (jargon). Every time I spoke I wouldn’t flash off with my words, I would just use the basic, crude style of language. At timesRead More

Compare and contrast the content and style

Compare and contrast the content and style of “To His Coy Mistress” and “The Unequal Fetters”. ‘To His Coy Mistress’ by Andrew Marvell and ‘The Unequal Fetters’, by Anne Finch both share the theme of love. The poems differ in many ways; they both have very different meanings. ‘The Unequal Fetters’Read More

Celie and her world

As we have already mentioned, Celie is the main narrator as well as the central character in the novel. Celie, as the narrative voice in “The Colour Purple,” is powerful, engaging, and at times subtly humorous, and the reader is immediately captivated by her story: we want to hear herRead More



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