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Aboriginal Australia

  White settlers arrived from Britain to colonise a country they considered to be ‘Terra Nullus’ land belonging to no one. What impact did this have on the Aboriginal Settlement? An impact of astonishing measure. Within the first few months of the arrival of the first fleet, war was declaredRead More

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Why has social reform come about?

  The coalition Government crumbled in 1945 as a result of the landslide general election and Labour came to power on the promise of implementing the Beveridge Plan. The Beveridge Plan was essential for public morale after the war. British people needed to have something to look forward to andRead More

Kirchhoffs Current Law

In 1845, a German physicist, Gustav Kirchoff developed a pair or set of rules or laws which deal with the conservation of current and energy within electrical circuits. These two rules are commonly known as: Kirchoffs Circuit Laws with one of Kirchof’s laws dealing with the current flowing around aRead More

Law enforcement officials

Sanger and her associates were forced to pass out their pamphlets by standing on the street corners. Small news stands refused to handle birth control issues, as Helena Smith wrote in an article in The Outlook, “the small dealers are not sensitive, but have been bluffed by threats of prosecutionRead More

To study Newtons second law of cooling

The initial volume of water taken in each beaker was 80ml and for each of the three cooling cases the initial temperature of water was taken to be 60. The table shows the fall in temperature of water in the three beakers over a period of ten minutes. Graph forRead More



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