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Advents of Christ

The message here is salvation again linked to the meaning of the name Isaiah, but directing the focus to the center and meaning of salvation, Christ. Isaiah prophesied for all future ages, predicting both the first and second Advents of Christ. He brings a salvation for people and nations forRead More

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The Rape of the Lock

Over the centuries poets have used satire to comment on their times. Satire is a literary genre in which human or individual vices and follies are held up by means of ridicule and irony. The four poems which are going to be examined are The Rape of The Lock, SpeakRead More

Love song of J. Alfred Prufrock

The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock explores the emotional and conflicting thoughts of a middle-aged man who is indecisive of attending a party to meet a woman. His indecisiveness is caused by his hypocrisy towards the higher classes of society along with his self-consciousness and concern for superficial matters.Read More



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